About The Association

Our Purpose

AAIMCo’s purpose is to provide a forum for insurance and risk consultants:

  • To promote the exchange of information, share education, offer advice and provide counsel among its members

  • To help the insurance industry operate more efficiently and profitably

  • To establish professional standards of knowledge, experience, and conduct for those serving that industry in the capacity of insurance and risk consultants

  • To give official recognition to those who have attained such standards

The History Of Our Association

The American Association of Insurance Management Consultants was founded in 1979. At that time, there were only a handful of practitioners in the United States and Canada who were providing consulting services to the insurance industry.

Few knew of the existence of the others, and each was developing his or her own techniques and methods of problem solving in splendid isolation. There was no one with whom to share or exchange ideas, and no standards of performance, knowledge or education had been established.

There were no ethical guidelines, and the insurance industry had no basis for making an intelligent choice when situations arose which required the services of a consultant.

Since its inception, AAIMCo has grown to include many disciplines and has developed a Code of Ethics to which all members must subscribe in writing. Members share ideas, learning from each other in the many areas of specialization which our membership represents.

The association’s membership presently includes a select percentage of all of the professional insurance management consultants on the North American continent.

Consultants must meet certain standards for membership. The minimum consulting experience required for membership is three years, although most members have well over a decade of experience. Members include CPCUs, CICs, CLUs, AAIs, ARMs, CPAs, MBAs, PhDs, attorneys and those who have earned many other professional and educational distinctions.

Members practice in more than fifty specialties and subspecialties, offering advice and providing solutions to the myriad problems that the industry faces today.

Code Of Ethics

AAIMCo members are signatories to the association’s Code of Ethics and agree to abide by its standards of practice.

Insurance Management Ethics

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