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Chantal M. Roberts, AIC, CPCU, RPA

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CMR Consulting Corporation


I am dedicated to providing trustworthy, valuable assistance in order to give my clients a clear understanding of claims standards and practices. As an expert witness, I strive to turn this complex topic into an easy to understand concept.

Known for my honest and direct approach, I work hard to meet each of your individual needs and help you make sense of the confusing intricacies of insurance claims. I have been involved in a wide range of specialties that include:

  • Business Interruption Claims
  • Cannabis Claims
  • Cargo (Inland Marine) Claims
  • Commercial General Liability
  • Commercial Property Claims
  • Special Investigations/Fraud Investigations
  • Homeowners Claims
  • Claims Investigations, Standards, and Practices


I published How Can Cannabis Claims Be Covered and Adjusted? (Summer 2018) and Pet Shop Boys (Vet Liability) (Winter 2019) in CPCU’s Insights magazine. I spoke to the NAIC Western Zone Committee about the article in September 2018, and I was the featured speaker at Eastern Carolina University’s Risk Management and Insurance Program Insurance Claims Careers Week.

It’s not always the witnesses who spend the most time in court who deserve your trust. Instead, it’s those who have a proven ability to produce great results. When looking at my history of assisting clients, it becomes clear I can be trusted to help you. Let’s discuss your case and find out how I can help you.

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