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American Association of Insurance Management Consultants

Regulatory Compliance for Sale of Multi-State Agency

Colleagues, Does anyone have a list/guide to the various regulatory notice issues that arise with the sale of an agency that is licensed in all 50 states? I know various insurance departments require change of control notices, as do secretaries of state. Any others? Banking, etc? Thanks in advance!   Damian Arguello

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Commercial property valuation

If the insured requested replacement cost coverage and provided what the insured thought the correct replacement cost of the property and a loss in excess of policy limit occurs, does the insured have basis to sue the insurer for the amount of loss excess of policy limit, if the insurer did not estimate the replacement…

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Attorney Substantially Changed Retainer Contract

All, I have come across a conundrum of sorts in respect to my expert witness contract.  I had a wonderful initial conversation with an attorney involved in a very large lawsuit.  The subject of the litigation is aligned with my specialty. I sent over my retainer contract.  The contract was returned with the following changes:…

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Habitational Risks versus Office Risks

I’m writing an article on overall rates/risks specific to office buildings. The risks I have handled; however, these few questions stump me. Premium price differences between office v. habitational (hotel, etc). Any specific info underwriters may be requesting specific to office buildings with the hardening market and increased underwriting scrutiny (if any) Why an office…

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Informal Survey – What computer do you travel with?

As professionals we need a relatively robust computer to travel with. Some of use them in meetings, at depositions, on the plane. We also take them with us on vacation! I am curious as to what brand,type, size  our members use and why. Since I will be upgrading mine shortly, thought I would ask.

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