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Insurance Indemnification And Hold Harmless Agreements – The Purchase Order Agreement

INSURANCE INDEMNIFICATION AND HOLD HARMLESS AGREEMENTS – The Purchase Order Agreement addresses the importance of using a purchase order agreement and provides a sample document attorneys can modify to meet the needs of their client. Indemnification and insurance language has been carefully selected in order to maximize any available insurance.

The purchase order agreement is a business to business contract that is seldom thought of as a rsik management tool. In fact, with the advent of the internet it is rarely used. When purchase orders printed on paper were used the purchase order was on the front of the document and the purchase order agreement (contract) printed on the back.

Attorneys should urge their clients to return to the use of purchase order agreements. In our ever increasing litigious society when something goes wrong, someone gets sued. While a purchase order agreement can’t stop litigation, it can create the rules of the game. Relying on Tort alone is not advisable in any situation – especially the business to business transaction.


Lee Hoffman

Lee Hoffman is a Consulting Expert on matters related to commercial and personal property and casualty insurance and risk. His expertise includes policy interpretation and claim denials, agency operations, errors & omissions, customs and practice, standard of care, duties and how to create seamless interoperation of insurance with risk. His expertise includes insurance agency automation…

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