New Florida Ruling Has Insurers Concerned

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New Florida Ruling Has Insurers Concerned

Just read an excellent article in CLM Magazine March 2017 edition titled “Concurrent Causation And Effect – WHY THE SEBO VERDICT SENT SHIVERS THROUGH PROPERTY INSURERS – AND HOW TO FIGHT IT”.

Also see <2017.FL.0000864< > (Sebo Verdict)   NOTE: Versuslaw can be accessed through – Member Services 

The article by Jeremy Macklin Esq. & Guillermo Cancio did an excellent job of describing the potential insurance industry ramifications of Florida’s adoption of the Concurrent Causation Rule and examined the affects it may have on both property and third party liability claims. While the Sebo case arose out of a property claim, the Florida Supreme court did not limit their ruling on Concurrent Causation to just property.

The authors did a good job of explaining and examining the difference between Concurrent Causation and Efficient Proximate Cause. While there are definable differences between the two theories, jurisdictional interpretations can change the entire playing field!

As for insurers and transactional lawyers, how they word their inclusions and exclusions relative to this matter will continue to be a challenge.

From consultants and expert witness to CE & CLE educators, it keeps us busy. Its what I call AAIMCo member job security.