Latest Referral Fee Contribution

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Latest Referral Fee Contribution

Hats off to  members Tom Braniff and Bob Gaddis, owners of Insurance Forensics, for the latest Referral Fee contribution to AAIMCo.  And a big thanks goes to Brent Winans for making the referral which led to the assignment.

This makes the seventh Referral Fee contribution that AAIMCo members have made in 2019.  In addition to Insurance Forensics (Tom and Bob), other contributors this year include Scott Bushnell, Joe Williams, Fred Fisher, Bob Gaddis again, and Kevin Hromas (two contributions).

As a reminder, Referral Fees are voluntary contributions to AAIMCo in recognition of referrals received from fellow members or though the member’s listing on the AAIMCo website that result in an assignment.  The recommended contribution is an amount equal to one hour of the time billed on the referral assignment.

Thanks to all who participate in making the process a success.