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Complex Insurance Consulting (“CIC”) assists attorneys and their clients as consulting and testifying expert witnesses in the field of Property/Casualty insurance claims as provided for by the U.S. Federal and States’ Rules of Civil Procedure.  CIC’s principal, R.P. “Bob” Gaddis, JD, has 50 years of experience in dealing with Property/Casualty insurance, first in the insurance industry, then in the legal profession. The scope of the work that CIC provides is limited to three core areas: Loss Claim Liability Assessment, Insurance Policy Language Assessment, and Complex Premium Conflicts Assessment.  Mr. Gaddis has handled over 100 cases as an expert witness inn these three areas.

CIC understands the facts from both the plaintiff(s)’ and defendant(s)’ perspectives. Mr. Gaddis’ extensive work with Property/Casualty insurance makes him uniquely qualified to assess loss claims by and against insurers and insurance agents to determine whether or not the involved insurance professionals acted in a way that is in keeping within the custom and practice of the insurance industry.

While the use of form policies is not uncommon, any policy and its endorsement(s) can be written with language that can form a cloud as to the meaning of relevant insurance policy terms. This is particularly true where the policy is complex. Mr. Gaddis’ extensive background in dealing with complicated commercial Property/Casualty insurance policies makes him qualified to assess those policy terms and conditions and to offer a well-reasoned opinion on the existence or absence of two or more reasonable policy interpretations in cases involving the allegation of ambiguity.

Additionally, CIC also provides assessments regarding complex premium conflicts that can develop from unique and complex premium policy language. In addition, Mr. Gaddis’ unique combination of experience qualifies him to opine on a significant number of areas of insurance within the Property/ Casualty insurance field.

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(713) 621-1601 -Land / (713) 480-6158 Cell

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