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American Association of Insurance Management Consultants

Kathleen Robison

Expert Consultants

Kathleen Robison, 

Professional Member


Malecki Deimling Nielander & Associates, LLC

(423) 884-3226

Kathleen is a Principal of Malecki Deimling Nielander and Associates, LLC.  Her 30 plus years as an insurance professiona was a steady progression from entry level claims adjuster through vice-president of claims and operations at major insurance companies both regional and national.

Her client assistance includes: Training with the ability to explain complex policy language in a manner that is both interesting and easily understood; Claim Assessments on best practices, compliance, resource utilization and quality assurance for insurance companies, corporations, third party administrators and agents; and Expert Witness and Litigation support on coverage, claims practices/standards, and at the operational level.

Company Info

Malecki Deimling Nielander & Associates, LLC

229 Golanvyi Trail

Vonore, TN 37885


(423) 884-3226


Articles by Kathleen

Kathleen articles are in the works.

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