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Bruce Heffner, AIC, ARM, ARM-e, ARe, ASLI, BA, CPCU, CSRP, Esq., J.D.

Professional Member

Corporate Counsel / Attorney at Law

Boomerang Recoveries, LLC, Inmedex, LLC & Law Office of Bruce P. Heffner,


I am a lawyer and leader proficient at crafting solutions to complex problems with substantial experience in law,  reinsurance, management, insurance, compliance, risk management, underwriting, negotiations, claims, coverage analysis, and human resources, from the corporate and regulatory perspective. My formal education is a blend of administration, insurance, and law. I have a pragmatic mentoring style of leadership and never confuse being busy with being productive. I firmly believe and practice that effective leadership is necessary to foster an environment of trust.

University of Central Florida – BA – Public Administration


The Institutes – CPCU – Chartered Property/Casualty Underwriter

The U of A, LR, School of Law – JD – Doctor of Jurisprudence

The Institutes – ARM – Associate of Risk Management

The Institutes – ARe – Associate in Reinsurance

The Institutes – ASLI – Associate in Surplus Lines

National Association of Subrogation Prof. – CSRP – Certified Subro. Recovery Specialist

The Institutes – ERM – Enterprise Risk Management

The Institutes – AIM – Associate in Claims

Arkansas Insurance Code Revision Task Force
Approved Deputy Receiver for TDI
TX mediation trained

Member Texas Bar
Member Arkansas Bar

Former Member of National Association of Subrogation Professionals  (NASP)
Member of American Association of Insurance Management Consultants (AAIMCo)

Former Member of Society of Chartered Property Casualty Underwriters (CPCU)
Former Member of Risk & Insurance Management Society (RIMS)
Former Member of Excess Surplus Lines Claims Association

Current License: Attorney – Texas
Current License: Attorney – Arkansas
Current License: Risk Manager – Texas

Former License: Resident Agent 53283 – Arkansas
Former License: Adjuster 6-20, 5-20 – Florida


Boomerang Recoveries, LLC Managing Member / Corporate Counsel   & Attorney at Law

Boomerang Recoveries, LLC.    (   &             Law Office of Bruce P. Heffner (

2011 – Present (6 years) 

INMEDEX – ( Corporate Counsel                            2017- Present (1 year)


▪ Reinsurance Strategic Risk Management –  identification of recovery for cedant of its reinsurance
program asset leakage.
▪ Expert/Consultant/Lawyer – Bad faith, deceptive trade practices, and regulatory matters,
claims/underwriting due diligence reviews, medical malpractice issues & contractual development.
▪ Subrogation analysis/Legal coverage opinions, compliance evaluations
▪ Regulatory counsel, personal representation on insurance matters, transactional practice
▪ Published Author – Insurance Thought Leadership, My Slip Case, Insurance Research Letter

General Corporate Counsel   Central TX Ins Cos (RVOS, NCI, P-1)

2003 – 2011 (8 years)Central Texas

▪ Accomplished a variety of general corporate matters including contract negotiations, purchases, corporate structure, Title VII investigations, withdrawal plans, trademark/service mark registration, drafting policy language, enterprise risk management standards, corporate policies & manuals, subrogation standards, human resource issues, state and federal compliance, privacy, tax issues, record retention, OFAC, FMLA, FLSA, HIPAA, ERISA, and any other insurance and risk management legal work.
▪ Created a Risk Purchasing Group for Company’s Insurance Agents to more easily and effectively purchase E&O Coverage.
▪ Discovered additional $5M recoveries available to company’s net worth by analysis of past contract documents, locating and identifying overlooked / available reinsurance recoveries, (asset leakage).
▪ Converted – Lloyds Plan to Stock Company enabling additional business development and ability to increase capital through sales additional stock shares
▪ Certified in 40 hour mediation training; attend mediations, taught agent’s professionalism classes, managed legal division.
▪ Restructured underwriting processes, established underwriting standards and coverage applications, wrote policy and endorsement language

Chief Insurance Assistant (Deputy) to the Commissioner

Nevada Division of Insurance

2002 – 2003 (1 year)Carson City NV

▪ Managed / Directed the Property and Casualty Section, Life and Health Section, HIPAA Section, and Consumer Services Section, (Complaint Review).
▪ Project manager in creation of essential insurance association for medical malpractice, averted the closing of hospital emergency rooms in Las Vegas by orchestrating the operational mechanics of Nevada’s insurer of last resort for medical malpractice insurance, providing necessary coverage for physicians in the metro Las Vegas area. Responsible for all underwriting decisions prior to outsourcing to Management Company.
▪ Oversight of regulatory process, drafting of Bill Drafts for Division. Testify before legislature on various issues.
▪ Conduct Division hearings (Hearing Officer), Insurance representative for state mining issues, and other duties as assigned.


Attorney at Law

2001 – 2002 (1 year)ARKANSAS

▪ Counsel and consultant on insurance, reinsurance, and risk management issues which primarily focus on liability exposures, contract coverages, business practice, settlement value / case evaluation, and regulatory matters.



1997 – 2001 (4 years)ARKANSAS

▪ Successfully accomplished general management, staffing management, risk management, benefits management, investment strategy, and legal; oversaw all operations.
▪ Assessed corporate exposure for business development and implemented risk reduction, avoidance, and transfer techniques.
▪ Active in the Arkansas Commissioner’s Insurance Code Revision Task Force; instrumental in drafting and revision of the Arkansas Insurance Code
▪ Identified/Secured additional one third (1/3) of company’s net worth by analysis of past contract documents, locating and obtaining overlooked / available reinsurance recoveries.
▪ Software/Hardware Purchases, Real Estate Purchases, Commutations, Financial Ratings, ADR Settlement Conferences, Release Language, Contract Wording, Regulatory Inquiries
▪ Drafted and submitted for regulatory approval ~ policy language & endorsements, set all underwriting standards. Incorporated Credit Report in to underwriting.


Arkansas Inurance Department

1994 – 1997 (3 years)

▪ Responsible for various aspects of life & health, and property & casualty insurance company and licensee regulation. Duties included responding to inquiry, mergers and acquisitions, contract language review, regulatory investigation and enforcement, examinations, and representing Department at Regulatory hearings.
▪ Oversight of regulatory process, drafting of Bill for Division. Testify before legislature and other duties as assigned
▪ Developed protocol, RFP, and selection of vendor for outsourcing of Arkansas Agent Licensee Testing.
▪ Developed and managed all procedures and standards for reinsurance company applications for obtaining Arkansas’ accredited or trusteed status, allowing domestic companies to show as a credit, available reinsurance recoveries on annual financial statement without the need for evergreen Letters of Credit.



1991 – 1994 (3 years)




1986 – 1991 (5 years)

▪ Responsible for review, reserve, oversight, and settlement of claims submitted under various property and casualty treaty and facultative contracts, treaty or certificate limits authority
▪ On site audit of cedent’s claim files to compare actual development and underwriting from that presented in placement offering of cession, with goal to develop points for commutations and settlements.
▪ Hamburg Germany assignment, Developed the corporate defense strategy for latent loss claims emanating out of the LMX (London Market Excess) treaties.
▪ Treaty underwriter for Catastrophe and Per/risk property contracts. Wording review, participation and negotiations

Commercial Underwriter/ Field Underwriter / Adjuster


1977 – 1985 (8 years)FLORIDA AND GEORGIA

▪ Risk analysis (underwriter) of commercial, farm & AG and liability submissions, including auto and workers’ compensation exposures, for assigned districts Physical inspection of premises and review of financial records to assess risk and exposure.
▪ Recommended loss reduction techniques, provided information on statutory requirements, and advised on appropriate questionnaire when hiring new employees to reduce risk exposure.

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